1 vs. 100 is a Plug It In & Play TV Game based off the game show of the same name developed by Pronto Games released by Jakks Pacific in 2006.

It followed the payout structure of:

$1,000 (3 Questions)

$2,000 (2 Questions)

$3,000-$10,000 (1 Question)

There were also had 3 helps;

- Ask the Mob(Two mob members will give an answer; one who is sure and one who is unsure. Sometimes, though, this isn't an option as sometimes, all the mob members will go for 1 answer)

- Poll the Mob(Choose one answer after the help; it will give the number of people who chose it)

- Trust the Mob(Automatically chooses the answer with the most mob members; sometimes, though, most of the mob will go for one answer and that will be wrong)

If there is less than 10 mob remaining, you will get a sneak peek with seeing the question before choosing for the money or the mob.

Should you eliminate all 100 members of the mob, you win $1 Million.

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