Bob the Builder: Project: Build It is a Plug It In & Play TV Games system based on the long-running stop-motion/CGI TV series developed by HotGen and released by Jakks Pacific in 2006.

The unit has four colored tool buttons and Bob's hard hat acts as a button.


Each of the six games have three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Expert.

  • Scrambler's Run - Guide Scrambler and perform jumps while collecting items along the way.
  • Roley's Bridges - Help Bob and Roley complete three bridges by selecting the correct pieces so that Roley and the other construction vehicles can cross.
  • Can We Hear It? - Help Bob guess what tools make their sound so that he can build furniture.
  • Sunflower Growing - Grow sunflowers by rapidly pressing the correct buttons to power the sunflower factory.
  • Lofty's Tower - Help Lofty build a tower using blocks. On Normal, the tower can be built freely, on Hard and Expert, the player must match the target tower.
  • Bob's Rock Dig - Help Bob drill through a rock wall to uncover a dinosaur skeleton.
    Plug n Play Games- Bob the Builder- Project- Build It!

    Plug n Play Games- Bob the Builder- Project- Build It!


Trivia Edit

  • The European version of the unit is yellow instead of light blue.
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