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"Dragon Ball Z" (Doragon Bôru Zetto,ドラゴンボールZ(ゼット), is a TV game based off of the popular anime series of the same name. The TV game includes three games on it: Pinball, Kamehameha Assault, and Buto Retsuden. There is a Gamekey slot on the back, although it was never released. It was said to contain an improved fighting game & a puzzle game. Also on it is a MIDI of "Rock the Dragon", the opening to the 1996 FUNimation/Ocean dub. The joystick itself is in the shape of Shen Long the dragon.

Built-In Games:

Kamehameha Assault

In Kamehameha Assault, the object of the game is to rebound a green sphere of ki energy behind your opponent in order to capture his Dragon Balls. Players can move around their half of the playing field and rebound the ki ball by letting it hit them or hitting it with their own ki-based attacks. Players can also attack each other directly to prevent them from defending their Dragon Balls. Ki-based attacks drain ki energy, but players can charge their ki by holding two buttons. The first player to collect all seven Dragon Balls wins the round and the first to win two rounds wins the game.


Buto-Retsuden plays a little like an over-simplified version of Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension for the Super Famicom. Five fighters enter the Cell Games tournament and only one can be the champion. If the player beats all the other characters, they become the winner.


Pinball mode plays a lot like the classic TurboGrafx-16 video game, "Devil's Crush" in that it's pinball with an objective. The player must use the pinball to defeat the various enemies and bosses of the series of the Freeza in order to collect the seven Dragon Balls.

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