DreamWorks Dragons, based on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise is a Plug & Play Hero Portal game developed by HotGen and published by Jakks Pacific in 2014. Similar to Skylanders, you place a figure on the Hero Portal base to play the game.

Portal unit and figures


The game is a horizontal scrolling shooter where the dragon shoots fireballs at other dragons, collect dragon eggs and avoid falling rocks and enemy fire as well.

There are six stages, each with three mini-game challenges. Mini-games include rescuing sheep, throwing sheep with a catapult to free your dragon, and a vertical scrolling shooter mini stage. A certain figure is required to access a certain mini-game.

There are four different medals that are earned depending how much is collected in the stage or the mini-game: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Collecting all the fire swords in the game unlocks the ultimate hero mode.


  1. Drago Strikes!
  2. Scratch That Itch!
  3. A New Leaf!
  4. Dragon Sanctuary
  5. Cold As Ice!
  6. Lava Lava Lava!


Toothless and Stormfly figures are included in the starter pack. Two additional figure packs are also available including Meatlug and Cloud Jumper, Hookfang and Barf & Belch.

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