Dream Life is a plug-n-play lifestyle game made for teen girls released by Tiger TV Games in 2005.

The game unit has a wireless remote.

The GameEdit

You play the game as a high school girl of your own design. You can make friends, crush on boys, and collect outfits to fill your closet.

After creating your character's appearance and initial stats and choosing the layout of your room, the game starts. You start out with $250 which can be increased by doing chores and getting a job. Each weekday you go to school, and are free afterwards to visit various locations in town.

Time passing is shown by a sun/moon wheel and progresses with each conversation, location change, or activity. Each day ends when the moon passes the top position, and the game will save your progress.

Friendship Edit

All characters besides your Best Friend start at level 1 friendship, indicated by smiley faces representing a friendship meter. You make friends by initiating conversations with 3 choices. Some choices are of more interest to some characters than others, indicated by a plus (+) or minus (-) sign next to the friendship meter. When a friendship meter is full of the smileys, the meter will change to stars.

At high friendship levels, girls may gift you an extra set of their clothes, and boy-crushes may gift you room decor in the form of stuffed animals. Your Best Friend begins the game with a high friendship level, and may immediately gift you clothing if prompted by the "What's new with you" dialogue option.

Having conversations and increasing your friendship with characters will increase your Popularity stat. When you have maxed out your popularity for the day, a voice will say, "So popular."

Town Locations Edit

There are six locations: School, Mega Mall, Rec Center, Salon, Your House, and Best Friend.

In School, If you get good grades, your parents will let you buy cool stuff like a television. You can talk to people and make friends, and get jobs. On days marked in your notebook (in Your House), there will be a dance at the school during the nighttime where you can mingle to talk to friends and dance with your boy-crush.

In the Mega Mall, you can buy fashion: clothes, accessories, and room decor. Items can go on sale, and more items are added as the game progresses, prefaced with "Coming Soon."

In the Rec Center, you can sign up for activities.

In the Salon, you can get your character a makeover for her hair, eye shadow, and lip color.

Your House is where you start each day. It includes options to change clothes, study, practice your activities (chosen at the Rec Center), do chores for money, and call your friends. Your House also includes a Piggy Bank, which details what funds are available to you and how much money you make each day from your job, and a Calendar/Notebook, which lists the friends you've made, upcoming events, and game tips.

In Best Friend, you can design a best friend the same way you design your character at the start of the game. Your best friend will give you game tips and may gift you an extra set of her clothes.


A Sequel to the original Dream Life game named Dream Life Superstar was later released with expanded content.

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