Dream Life is a plug-n-play lifestyle game made for teen girls released by Tiger TV Games in 2005.

The game unit has a wireless remote.

The GameEdit

You create your charather, your room and the game starts. You start out with $250. You do chores to earn money, and go to school.

In School, If you get good grades, your parents will let you buy cool stuff like a television. You can talk to pepole and make friends, and get jobs.

There are six places: School, Mega Mall, Rec Center, Salon, Your House, and Best Friend.

In the Mega Mall, you can buy fashion stuff.

In the Rec Center, you can get a career.

In the Salon, you can get your chartarter a makeover.

Your house is just the place where you live.

In Best Friend, you create him, then you get more friends.

At the end of each day, the game saves.


A Sequal to the original Dream Life game named Dream Life Superstar was later released.

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