Fantastic Four is a platform-style video game developed by Digital Eclipse and released by Jakks Pacific in 2005 as part of its TV Games line of dedicated video game consoles.

Though released in conjunction with the 2005 Fantastic Four feature film, the game is based upon the comic book version of the classic Marvel superhero team.

The graphics and level design are heavily reminiscent of the eight-bit and 16-bit scrolling platform action games of the mid- to late 1980s.

The game has a separate level for each of its four characters, which are separated into four shorter stages. Levels feature the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) fighting to foil a casino heist by the Wizard, the Thing (Ben Grimm) battling the Mole Man and his minions in a wrestling arena, the Invisible Woman (Susan Richards) breaking out of an Atlantean prison to face Lady Dorma, and Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) infiltrating Castle Doom to do battle with Doctor Doom and his robotic army. Once all of these levels are completed, a fifth level is unlocked in which the heroes pursue Doom to his orbital space station for a final showdown.

The levels are relatively short, and can be adjusted for three degrees of difficulty. A built-in memory feature allows the player to save his progress throughout the course of play. The game has a slot for a TV Games' GameKey, an accessory that allows players to unlock additional games in TV Games controllers. However, it is unknown whether any such GameKeys have as yet been released for Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four has an ESRB Content Rating of E10+ because of "cartoon violence".

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