Spider-Man is a Plug-It-In & Play TV Game released by Jakks Pacific in 2004. The controller has five built-in games, one of them being a platform game. it is the unrelated to the 2000 video game of the same name.

Two versions of the system were released-- one without the GameKey slot and one with it. The GameKey was not sold separately and was only available with the Spider-Man Super GameKey Combo Pack.

Built-In GamesEdit

Streets Of The City Edit

The main game, a platformer where Spider-Man has to collect money bags and defeat enemies. The levels are in this order: Collect money bags, Defeat Rhino, Defuse bombs, defeat Scorpion, collect EMPs, defeat Electro, And finally collect plutonium and defeat the Goblin.

Spider Training Edit

The game is set within Spider-Man's secret training facility, where he practices his web-slinging skills in a shooting gallery style environment.
Fire webs at the villain targets. Shoot enough villains to progress, but don't shoot Spider-Man's friends.
Spidey has to shoot webs at images of several villains of Spider-Man, and avoid shooting images of Peter Parker, Mary Jane or Aunt May. If the player shoots one of these three images, they lose a life.

Venom's Vindication Edit

Venom is on the loose and only Spider-Man can stop him. Spidey's arch rival is dropping radioactive web bomblets on the city, and only our hero's trusty webs can save the day.
Shoot webs to catch Venom's bomblets. Fight off the thugs.
Spidey shoots webs at bombs Venom throws down, while defeating thugs on the lower street.

Escape From The Sewers Edit

The Lizard is rinning amok in the sewers beneath New York city. He's planted bombs in the maze-like sewer system, and Spidey must find them before they can blow.
Find the bombs within the time limit and defuse them with your web. Keep your distance from the Lizard creatures that inhabit the sewers.
Spidey has to make his way through a maze-like sewer and disable bombs by shooting them with his web while avoiding The Lizard. If the Lizard is encountered in the sewers, Spidey can shoot them with his web and disable them from movement for a short time. As the levels continue in difficulty, more Lizards will spawn in the maze, and take out more health with each hit from them. The more difficult levels cap out at 15 bombs to defuse and 4 minutes to complete each level.

Vulture's Venture Edit

The Vuture has Spider-Man trapped at a contruction site! Spidey is hanging upside down from a steel girder and teh Vulture has a missile launcher aimed at him.
Fire webs to catch the missiles preventing them from destroying the girders. Otherwise Spider-Man goes splat!
Spidey is hanging on a construction beam and has to shoot webs at missiles being fired at him, while the Vulture drops bombs from above that will destroy the beam Spidey is hanging from if not shot with a web.

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