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The SpongeBob SquarePants TV game is an 8-bit Plug It In & Play TV Games with 5 integrated games. This TV game was released in 2003 and is published by Jakks Pacific and developed by HotGen.


Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop is a game where SpongeBob ricochets the ball onto the bubbles so they can pop, while keeping your ball from falling. This game is similar to Highly Responsive to Prayers on the NEC PC-9801. There are 50 levels to this game. 9 consecutive levels spell out S-P-O-N-G-E-B-O-B.

Sandy's Surf Adventure

The alaskian bull worm has invaded Bikini Bottom & Sandy is surfing and tries to avoid obstacles and save Bikini Bottom. This game is a horizontal side scrolling shooter. It is similar to Life Force and Gradius, both on the NES. There are four different locations featured in this game. There's Bikini Bottom, Goo Lagoon, Jellyfish Fields, and Kelp Forest, in that order. Most of the sounds in this mini-game seem to be stolen from the first Namco Plug & Play's Bosconian.

Invasion Of The Hooks

Spoof of Missile Command on the Atari 2600. Invasion of the Hooks is a game where SpongeBob has to save his friends from being raised off the sea floor. Not as long, with 20 levels.

Patrick and the Maze

Patrick has to search the maze for his friends and take challenges such as Musical Clams, a spoof on Simon, and Find The Pearl. This game is based on The Legend of Zelda for the NES.

The Super Chum Bucket

Plankton wants to know the secret to the Krabby Patty recipe and is holding Sandy hostage, so SpongeBob tries to save her. This game is similar to Donkey Kong for the arcades. There are 40 levels.

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