The Winfun TV Plug & Play Joypad is a Plug & Play created by Winfun. Although it has 65 games, most of them are knock-offs of popular games and Famicom games.

This Plug & Play console is a yellow joypad, close to the size of an Xbox 360 controller. It has a blue analog stick on the top left, blue d-pad on the bottom left, steering knob in the middle, and 4 different colored buttons (yellow, green, blue and red) on the right.

The gamesEdit

The games were made by JungleTac, a Chinese company. So, the games are not that unique. For example, Fast Racing is exactly like Bump 'N' Jump. You can jump and land on enemies' cars. Undersea Travel has similar gameplay to Jetpack Joyride, but harder to control. Last Cabra/Cobra and Delta Fighter have 1942-like gameplay. Challenge 100 is a game where you play as a frog going down a castle avoiding spikes. And Hero Spud (sometimes known as Mr. Onion on other consoles) is a game where you play as a potato who looks like a mix between Kirby and Tiki from The NewZealand story, grabbing keys and destroying the pumpkins and bats in your way to rescue the princess, who surprisingly looks like Kirby himself.

Trivia Edit

JungleTac, the Chinese company known for making the games for the Joypad also made games for some other systems such as DreamGear for a version of their 50-in-1, the most popular one. This is actually a famiclone, a system using a Famicom/NES' hardware. The TV Plug & Play Joypad is quite easy and hard to find at the same time. The price ranges between about $0.99 USD to $19.99 USD, but it costs around $5 USD on average. Doing the math with the 5 USD number, you get 7-8 cents a game. For it to run, you need 3 AA batteries and a TV.

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